Joe Jimenez has one more thing to do in biopharma. And now he and Mark Fishman have a $133M stake to play the startup game

Big Pharma execs usually don’t just fade away. Sometimes, they jump to the money side of the biotech business, like Chris Viehbacher and Olivier Brandicourt. Some stick with a batch of mentoring board seats. Joe Jimenez not only plans to do both, he’s also going biotech entrepreneur and starting his own play — in style.

A week ago, Jimenez and his close partner Mark Fishman, who got to know each other well during their respective time as CEO and early-stage NIBR chief at Novartis, filed papers with the SEC noting that their Aditum Bio Fund I had raised the $133,040,000 they had targeted more than a year ago. Now they’re investing in it.

“When I came out of Novartis with Mark Fishman, we saw a big opportunity,” Jimenez tells me.